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No matter what style of holiday you want, no matter what length of time you go and no mattter how relaxed or adventurous you like it, Casa Colina is the percect place to start or stay.


On this page you will find all the information you need to plan and enjoy your holiday.

Long weekend?  7 nights?   Two week retreat?   Or even Honeymoon!


The weather in Costa Blanca is one of the main draws to the area; it is absolutely stunning.  The average summer temperature is in the mid 20's which means that it is warm enough to take advantage of the beaches sprinkled all throughout the area but it is not so warm that visitors are going to feel uncomfortable walking around.  During the winter months, the average temperature is in the teens.  This may be a bit cool for enjoying the water but it is excellent for taking treks throughout the local nature and even for enjoying activities on the shores of the beaches.


One thing visitors should know is that temperatures can vary significantly in different parts of this region.  In some areas, it may get as hot as one hundred degrees during the summer months, but visitors can navigate between towns to make themselves comfortable in the more moderate temperatures located elsewhere.  The same is true during winter, when the mountainous areas may be colder than the flat lands by the beach.


Perhaps even more idyllic than the temperature itself is the fact that the sun is almost always shining in this part of the world.   Summer is known for being particularly dry,  which is a particular advantage due to the low humidity not being favoured by those pesky mosqitoes!








One of the essentials of any Spanish holiday is enjoying the vibrant food on offer. There are many dining options for those that love their food & drink.



La Moleta - the first restaurant you will come to driving down from the villa. Reception is happy and cheerful here, with many patrons inside and out when it is open. There are parties and birthdays every so often which it closes for, but otherwise it is open quite late. Be sure to look at the board for times it is open. Speaking a little Spanish will help a great deal here, as English is rarely understood. A treat is the degustacion menu that gives you a taste of all the chefs special dishes - a delicious range of tapas. The wine is also excellent value.

There area a few other bars

in Adsubia, like the Pianola

Bar, but La Moleta is our




Being a little larger, there is

more choice of restaurant in

Pego. One of the best is

L'Om Restaurante. Tables

inside and out offer a lovely

atmosphere. The tapas is

excellent and the Paella

very good. Great wines too.

Click on the photo to

see some other well-

reviewed restauarants.

La Moleta

La Moleta, Adsubia

Remember the siesta! British tourists can spend many an hour wondering confused around a seemingly deserted town that you have been told is "bustling and vibrant". The siesta is the reason for this. During the hottest part of the day, normally 1.30pm-4pm, locals rest and relax to then open up again into the evening. It's at odds with British 9-5 mentality so can be a little odd when planning shopping trips and sightseeing. We find the best way about it to to enjoy the siesta yourself! Cafes are often open throughout too. The siesta is particularly pronounced in towns and villages, where the commercial selling pressure of city big-brands does not encourage them to stay open. So cities like Barcelona and Madrid are less affected by it in their larger shopping areas.

One of the first things you will want to do is stock up the fridge! There are more than enough shops and supermarkets in Pego to do so. Mercadona is the best all-rounder, with quality and basics available. The red wine is all very affordable compared to UK supermarkets. There is also a Mas e Mas and an Aldi.

As well you may know - Spain is one of the top rated old-world wine producers in the world, alongside France and Italy. Spain is as big as France and as vinously diverse and richly complex, so you can expect more than just tempranillo! The most readily exported wine most enjoyed by the UK market is Rioja. Spain loves sending its Rioja to Great Britain and does very well out of it, but don't let that imply that it is the 'best' or only wine in Spain. There are uncountable vinyards and micro-regions. The main contenders to Rioja are: Ribera del Duero and Priorat. Ribera is broadly categorised as focusing a bomb of ripe and fleshy fruit at its core, with light oak notes and spice in the length. It's distinguishing feature from Rioja is this focus on fruit not savoury. Rioja's earthy, cedarwood strength pushed a lot of savoury flavours to the fore. Priorit is a deep, inky wine, with concentrated notes of licorice, tar and brandied cherries. If your palette likes a softer touch, then seek out Valencian wines, they are lighter and smoother, with less tannin and a lifted acidity that matches seafood marvelously. This is of course all subjective and down to your opinion as the drinker! So explore and enjoy!

Travel to the villa and from there to all the places you may want to go is going to be very tricky/not possible without a car. But do not fear - Spanish car hire is remarkably good value if you shop around. We find that Holiday Autos offers that best deals for the best cars, through approved dealers. Make sure you seriously consider the full damage waiver - you never know what bump you will hit or what little scratches may happen. A great deal of the roads in rural Spain are not perfect so if you are going to want to do the slightest bit of exploring/sightseeing then take the waiver! Even with it, the cost is still very good value. Choice of car is important. The car below is a Hyundai i10, one of the standard 'mini' or 'small' category cars available. This car is SMALL, so a single couple with two suitcase is the maximum. It is also not powerful by any means, one of our guests drove along a mountain road that got progressively worse, turned into a dead end then had to get towed back to the main road! So consider how many people are with you and the degree of 'off-the-beaten-track' exploring you want to do, and hire accordingly! Click on the photo below for Holiday Autos:

Fly into Alicante. It is cheaper than Valencia by quite a margin. There are services from London Airports and also Southampton.