pintxos (miniature bread-based tapas) from bar to bar in Bilbao, tuck into rich traditional stews in the countryside of Asturias or snack on tapas in a lively market of Seville – the variety of Spanish gastronomy is simply endless.


Eternal sunshine and endless stretches of golden beaches are certainly part of the sultry charm of this country, but Spain’s allure clearly stretches beyond the coastline. In the north, the mountainous national parks of Asturias offer scenic hiking in alpine environments, while the craggy coastline of Galicia surprises with isolated bays and picturesque fishing villages. Head west to find your way through the Roman ruins of Extremadura, or weave your way eastwards to marvel at the architectural wonders of Valencia and Tarragona. Down South, a plethora of ancient monuments, wonderful cities and traditional arts await in Andalucía. Take your time to explore, because Spain will surprise you.


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From sizzling cuisine and riotous fiestas to cutting-edge contemporary art, age-old museums and a palpitating beach culture, Spain sure packs a punch. It’s feisty, sexy and  hot. Whether you are a culture vulture, history buff or beach bum, it’s almost inevitable that with Spain, it’ll be love at first sight.


Spain is a country as diverse as it is eclectic: futuristic buildings stand alongside ancient Roman cathedrals, while traditional flamenco tablaos abut stylish boutique hotels. In a country with this much historical background, the marriage of distinctive cultures is evident from its flurry of Romanesque churches, baroque buildings, Moorish fortresses and Renaissance palaces.


As versatile as a chameleon, Spain’s multifaceted personality is further highlighted by different corners of the country: from the golden sun-kissed shores of Costa del Sol to the snow-lathered peaks of the Pyrénées; from the futuristic architecture of Valencia to the medieval towns of Catalonia; from the expansive boulevards of cosmopolitan Madrid to the rural countryside of Galicia.


In the food department, Spanish cuisine has kicked up a storm worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re hopping from bar to bar to sample tasty tapas, or splurging on an exquisite gourmet meal, Spanish cuisine promises to stir up your soul. Home to the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, Spain is the birthplace of nouveau cuisine and naturally the epicentre of the culinary world. Treat yourself to a fine-dining experience in Barcelona, sample



along the province of Alicante, it can be divided into two clearly distinct areas of scenery: to the North, a curtain of mountains running closely parallel to the sea, dropping away to form sheer cliffs and secluded pebble coves: to the South, a vast plain of sands, dunes, palm groves and saltpans make up a backdrop for the beaches. The 'white coast' has many different attractions, from the busy tourist packed Benidorm, to the elegant provincial capital Alicante and includes some fabulous well-developed resorts stretching the length of the coast.


The Costa Blanca enjoys a perfect Mediterranean climate boasting warmer winters than the Costa Brava, low rainfall and fantastic summers with on average 300 days of sunshine each year with temperatures touching 40 degrees in July and August. With miles of excellent clean and safe beaches, the Costa Blanca offers diverse scenery with incredible costal vistas, from pine covered coastal hills to magnificent cliffs. Marvel at Moorish villages, wander through groves of olives, discover hidden coves and stretches of beach, try out some of the myriad types of water sport or relax at one of the masses of cafe’s and restaurants. The Costa Blanca really does have something to offer for everyone, which is why it is fast becoming the favourite destination for European Holidaymakers.

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Costa Blanca, meaning 'white coast' is Spain's most popular year-round holiday area, occupying a prime stretch of Spain’s Mediterranean coastline. Running